I Break Horses: Chiaoscuro


Swedish electronica duo I Break Horses’ second album revels in a sound that is completely and utterly synthetic. There is no pretence of being real, and somehow, it’s more authentic for that.
You Burn, with its deep, squelchy synthesisers and atmospheric Goth feel, is a great start and by the time we’re past trancy club anthem Faith – which sounds like it would benefit from an Orbital makeover – Ascension, and Denial, its beginning to feel like this could be the first great album of the year.
Sad to report, then, that the second half suffers what football pundits might call a dip in form. The band fall into the trap of mistaking gloominess for quality, and the record would benefit from some more real singing instead of sub-Elizabeth Fraser vocalising.
It picks up towards the end, though, and the nicely chattering beats of Weigh True Words offers the album’s first chorus before the sign off of Heart to Know. Worth a listen.
Like this? Try these: Orbital: The second (brown) album; Cocteau Twins: Heaven or Las Vegas


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