Alison Moyet: The Minutes

The Minutes

The Minutes

ANOTHER comeback and another singer going back to their roots.
In Alison’s case, that’s her Yazoo roots rather than the 80s soul/pop she switched to when Vince Clarke packed up to form Erasure.
Again, it’s a cause for celebration, as Moyet’s voice is perfectly suited to harsh electronic backing tracks and it’s a joy to hear her back on form after such a long lay-off.
You may be familiar with lead single When I Was Your Girl but while it is perfectly suited to the radio and is undoubtedly a stand-out here, it’s by no means representative of the album as a whole.
Horizon Flame channels dubstep and over the remaining 10 tracks Moyet and collaborator Guy Sigsworth take on a variety of electronic dance styles and successfully marry them to the singer’s inimitable vocal style.
It takes some getting used to and those who don’t remember how unusual Yazoo sounded on first hearing may find it a challenging listen, but it is without question worth the effort.


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