Primal Scream: More Light


WHAT an album this is.
Buying a new Primal Scream record is always a matter of stepping into the unknown.
Which Scream are you going to get? The adventurous one which has produced some of the best British albums of the best 20-odd years, or the Rolling Stones tribute act?
More Light’s second single, It’s Alright, It’s OK, suggested the latter but mercifully this is the work of the sonic adventurerers of Screamadelica, Vanishing Point and XTRMNTR rather than the good-time boogie purveyors of Give Out But Don’t Give Up etc.
Opener and first single 2013 is one of the stand-out tracks, an exhuberant call to arms which simply demands to be played loud.
Hot on its nine-minute heels comes another highlight, River of Pain, and while there are troughs as well as peaks – the 70-minute running time could easily have been trimmed – thankfully the killer easily outnumbers the filler.
Turn Each Other Inside Out begins as a pitch perfect updating of 1985-era Jesus and Mary Chain (Scream main man Bobby Gillespie’s old band, lest we forget) before magnificently morphing into Spiritualized-style dream rock, while elsewhere the band show their mastery of psychedelic blues (Tenement Kid; it’s better than it sounds, honest) and high octane rock (Invisible City, Hit Void).
The lyrics are still mostly incomprehensible or (to these ears at least) impenetrable but it really doesn’t matter. I haven’t been able to stop playing this since I heard it.


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