Savages: Silence Yourself


AT THE risk of sounding like a middle-aged old bore, Savages are one of those bands who you don’t really have to hear to know whether or not you’ll like.

If the sound of an all female post-punk guitar band who write songs about “violence, domestic things and having a masculine view on feminine issues” doesn’t turn you right off straight away, then there’s every chance you’ll love them.

They’re angry, wear all black, talk about being influenced by Joy Division and are one of this year’s hot tips for the top, having made the BBC’s Sound of 2013 shortlist.

Keen Liverpool gig-goers will remember them from the double header with Palma Violets at Leaf last summer.

They say all the right things in interviews and are honest enough to admit that musically they are nothing new, but to be honest I don’t have a problem with that. Sometimes the point isn’t making a new noise. It’s just making it sound fresh and exciting again.

The problem with Savages is that Silence Yourself is woefully lacking in tunes. Shut Up and Husbands stand out among the relentless onslaught, and it may just be a case of running before they can walk with an album when some bands are still at first or second EP stage.

I bet it sounds great live or if you’re 17 but next time, please, some light would go down a treat with the shade.

(This review was published in the May 2 2013 edition of the Liverpool Post)


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