The Great Gatsby soundtrack


SOUNDTRACKS are funny old beasts.
Until Quentin Tarantino came along in the mid-1990s and made the CDs accompanying Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction as indispensable as the films, they were essentially souvenirs of a good night out at the flicks: one or maybe two hits and several versions of the theme, plus some dreadful filler.
Since then, there has been the odd classic – Natural Born Killers and High Fidelity spring to mind – but in today’s download world the soundtrack compiler is faced with a tough task.
The compiler in this case is hip-hop legend Jay-Z and while he’s not done a bad job, it’s no classic. There are some big names: Beyoncé, Jay-Z himself, Lana del Rey, Bryan Ferry, Florence + the Machine, Emile Sandé, the XX, and Jack White, but the album feels like a compilation rather than hanging together as a complete work.
The ones to download are Sandé’s lovely slinksome take on Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love, White’s Love is Blindness and Ferry’s new orchestra-accompanied version of Love is the Drug.


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