Beady Eye: BE


HE difficult second album is a cliché in rock, but after debut album Different Gear, Still Speeding flopped horribly, Beady Eye – essentially Oasis without Noel Gallagher – were as close to the last chance saloon as is possible.
The recruitment of New York producer Dave Sitek, famous for his work with cool-as-they- come NY trio the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, was a tacit acknowledgment that things had to change following the horribly turgid meat and potatoes rock of that first album.
Sitek’s handiwork is all over BE but while his production rescues at least three tracks, the absolute star of the show is also the main reason why Beady Eye will always be worth giving another chance: Liam.
Whatever his public persona, the younger Gallagher’s vocals were at least half the reason Oasis were so successful and, happily, BE finds him on top form.
There’s at least three songs here that should make the set when the inevitable Oasis reunion takes place. Flick of the Finger – with its titular reference to the atom bomb being dropped – opens BE in storming fashion, complete with horns, metallic guitar and Liam in best ‘Acquiesce’ form.
Don’t Brother Me – no prizes for guessing the subject matter here – and Start Anew, meanwhile, are astonishing: genuinely tender words, tenderly sung. Don’t Brother Me offers an olive branch to Noel (‘Come on now give peace a chance’) before fading into a gorgeous, Blur-esque instrumental coda while closer Start Anew is even better.
Like a 1968 Paul McCartney ballad, its words (again by Liam) are cliché-free while Sitek deserves praise again for its spartan but effective strings.
BE may still have too much filler to be wholly recommended but, with the strongest album to feature Liam since Morning Glory, Beady Eye have bought themselves another chance.


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