Laura Marling: Once I Was An Eagle


Laura Marling is one of those people who gets music writers in a lather.
Her previous three albums – 2010’s I Speak Because I Can especially – have helped turn folk from the music that dare not speak its name into one of the most popular styles both here and across the Atlantic.
What’s it like? It’s just gorgeous, one of those records that persuades you to investigate a new genre – only to discover that it’s not the style you’ve fallen in love with but the album itself.
I had feared it would be an hour of non-stop “one woman and a guitar” music, but there are marvellous strings and percussion here too (cellist Ruth de Turberville and drummer/producer Ethan Johns, the only other musicians on the record).
Much has been made of Marling’s American accent across the album’s 16 tracks and rightly so; at 23, though, she is young enough to be forgiven and to learn. That she is producing music this good as that age is the true shocker but, if she doesn’t do a Kate Bush and disappear from view, we are the winners.


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