Texas: The Conversation


TEXAS? I hear you ask. Are they still going? If you are indeed asking that question then you quite clearly have not been listening to Radio 2 this past month, on which this album’s title track has been played almost constantly.
No surprise, really; it’s an addictively catchy pop-rock tune and the best thing I can say about this record – the Scots’ first since 2005’s Red Book – is that it is by no means the strongest track.
If you are one of the 1.8 million Brits who bought their 1997 album White on Blonde then The Conversation will not disappoint. Sharleen Spiteri’s voice is as strong and distinctive as ever and, on Be True, former Altered Images man Johnny McElhone shows he has lost none of his talent for Blondie-esque power pop.
Some songs carry not-so-subtle echoes of other artists’ material (I Will Always is a lovely tune but then again so was The Teddy Bears’ To Know Him Is To Love Him) and some are Texas by numbers (Detroit City, Talk About Love) but in the title track, Be True and the outstanding Dry Your Eyes, there are three nailed-on candidates for any future greatest hits.


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