Deap Vally: Sistrionix


LET’S get the obvious comparisons out of the way first.
LA duo Deap Vally (Lindsey Troy, guitar and vocals and Julie Edwards, drums) don’t veer wildly from the template set down by The White Stripes at the start of the noughties, while those who remember early 90s Riot grrrl trio Babes in Toyland will find much to treasure here.
They have also been compared to a female Led Zeppelin; I can’t particularly hear it myself, although the debt Plant and Page owed to classic blues is clearly shared by Troy and Edwards.
Like the Stripes, the pair make an almighty racket when they want to and opener End of the World (a single back in November) is as good a place to start as any. Built around a monster fuzz guitar riff, you’ll either love it, hate it or be bored by it and whatever your reaction is you’re likely to feel the same way about the rest of Sistrionix.
They can be terrifically scary, especially if you’re a man; “You’re going to get what’s coming to you, creeper . . . ” intones Troy on Creeplife, before, on Lies, telling an ex: “You broke your contract, you’re gonna pay tenfold, you’re gonna be alone when you grow old.”
Again just like the Stripes, the pair can do tender too, with the fantastic Your Love the closest they are likely to come to a serenade (“Your love’s alive, your love keeps me alive”), while possibly the most affecting track on the whole LP is the closing and brilliantly named Six Feet Under, in which, accompanied only by a tambourine and an echo chamber, Troy sings a moving reminder of the value of the old.
There is one other comparison that is bound to be made, but the difference between the Vally girls – who, despite their short skirts, fishnets and bustiers unbelievably met in a crochet class – and the other female rock act who had half the nation’s media drooling earlier this year is simple.
Where Savages’ take on the early 1980s post-punk template was (to these ears at least) singularly lacking in fun, Sistrionix is an invigorating blast from beginning to end.


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