Pet Shop Boys: Electric


IT MUST be hard being the Pet Shop Boys, with their back catalogue of unimprovable classics (I’m thinking Actually, Behaviour and Very) and others that would rank as meisterworks by their peers’ standards.

Recent albums have been less than inspired, but Electric is that oft-talked about but rarely achieved thing, an actual return to form.

Harking back to the dancefloor-orientated likes of 1986’s Disco and 1988’s brilliant Introspective, opener and lead single Axis – which would be the album’s title track if the Pet Shop Boys did anything as vulgar as title tracks – thrillingly sets the template for what is to come.

They haven’t sounded this invigorated in years and with, perhaps, a different title, the majestic Love is a Bourgeois Construct (can you imagine Nick Grimshaw saying that at 8am?) might have given them their biggest hit since the 1990s.

Example guests on the weekend celebration Thursday, while their prediliction for making rock tracks their own continues with a version of Bruce Springsteen’s The Last To Die.


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