Bombay Bicycle Club: So Long, See You Tomorrow


NOW and again an album can be motoring away very nicely, ticking all the right boxes, when something happens.
A song appears which ups the ante so comprehensively that its companion pieces seem superfluous.
A good recent example is Lorde’s Pure Heroine: a fine debut, but containing in Royals a song which put most of last year’s pop to shame and rendered its parent album somewhat unneccesary.
Bombay Bicycle Club’s fourth long-player is going great guns for its first five tracks of ecstatic dance rock in the Doves/Spiritualized vein. They’re not putting a foot wrong.
Then next single Luna kicks into gear. Suddenly, we’re into pop song territory, there’s a proper tune and everything and the opening half of the album seems like so much side dressing. It’s an absolute pearl of a tune.
As if afraid to follow such a pearl with a duffer, they follow with gorgeous love song Eyes Off You and the electronic raga rock of Feel, which would jump out of any radio and feels destined to be a single. None are up to Luna’s standards but it’s still a terrific album.

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