Lisa Stansfield: Seven


ROCHDALE’S finest soul singer has been away for so long that it’s hard to credit this being her seventh album in a long and chequered career. What’s also hard to credit is how good it is.
Can’t Dance and Picket Fence lock into the same 70s Chic groove that Daft Punk emulated to general wonderment on last year’s Get Lucky, and while they are unlikely to enjoy the French hipsters’ success, they are those old fashioned things – songs with actual tunes which are impossible not to dance to.
What also sets Ms S apart is her ability to turn herself to a handful of styles with no apparent change in conviction.
Whether she’s going all jazzy torch singer on us in Why or coming on like a female Bobby Womack (hers always was a voice of experience) on The Crown, she always engages and never sounds out of her depth.
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