Scouting for Girls: Greatest Hits


“THE greatest Hits album was made for Scouting for Girls” trumpeted the press release that heralded the release of this album and, for once, the press release was spot on.

After just three albums, the trio have managed to produce a best of in the grand tradition of similar sets by James and the Beautiful South – full of songs you either didn’t know you knew or had no idea who were by.

Although This Ain’t A Love Song was their first number one, She’s So Lovely remains their calling card – and probably the SFG song most people would come up with if pushed – but it would be a hard heart indeed who didn’t warm to Heartbeat (“Every time that we meet I skip a heartbeat”), Elvis Ain’t Dead, It’s Not About You and James Bond. You might find yourself fast-forwarding two or three of the later tracks, but there’s life in the old dogs yet; newie Millionaire is up there with their best.


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