Swim Deep: Where the Heaven Are We


BIRMINGHAM four-piece Swim Deep are on a mission: a mission to take guitar music (indie in old money) back to the early 1990s. To a time when Britpop had yet to be invented and every guitar band worth its salt either worshipped at the altar of Madchester and insisted it had “always had a dance element to our music” or turned up the feedback and flange pedals to 11 and stared at the floor, My Bloody Valentine-style.

Where the Heaven are We is reminiscent of both camps, with singer Austin Williams’ vocals recalling Ride’s Mark Gardener, while the light-on-its-feet music skips along behind him. It’s a summery, easy listen, with some extremely catchy melodies – Make My Sun Shine and King City come to mind, though I could just as easily pick out Francisco or Honey – and a nice line in lyric writing.

Make My Sun Shine is an unashamed declaration of love (“You make my sun shine, you make my clock tick slowly”) while King City (“Forget your romance I want to pretend that Jenny Lee Lindberg is my girlfriend”) will go down well with the indie boys who share the band’s adoration of the fragrant Ms Lindberg, bassist with Californian indie-rockers Warpaint.


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