Nina Nesbitt: Peroxide


I’M no 16-year-old girl – if I were I think I would like Nina Nesbitt a great deal – but even as a fortysomething man, I’m hugely fond of her commercial, sharp and spiky pop. Think Lily Allen meets Amy Macdonald and you’re almost there.
It’s her lyrics that first impress. “He’s got a Rolling Stones tee, but he only knows one song, they think they’re from the 60s, they were born in 1991” trills Stay Out, one of the best singles of last year but here outshone by the dazzling Selfies and Peroxide itself (“You’re like a junk email in my inbox, you keep coming back”).
The album is mostly top fun but let down a little by most of the ballads and attempts at grown-up pop, with the exception of touching closer The Hardest Part.
Like this? Try these: Lily Allen: It’s Not Me, it’s You; Amy Macdonald: This is the life


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