Sky Ferreira – Night Time, My Time


AT LAST! After being available on import for several months – it was included in several albums of 2013 lists – Ms Ferreira’s debut is finally available in the UK.
Answering the hitherto-unposed question of what you get when you cross a Kim Deal-fronted Pixies with Blondie and the Ronettes, it’s a marvellous piece of work, chockful of blinding tunes and fantastic choruses.
Boys is a magnificently strident opener and 24 Hours, with its enormous 1980s drums, would have happily soundtracked pretty much any John Hughes movie of that fantastic decade. On Heavy Metal Heart she pulls off the not inconsiderable feat of imagining Belinda Carlistle fronting Heart. In a good way.
The whole thing is helmed by Haim producer Ariel Rechtshaid and while a couple of tracks two-thirds of the way through don’t quite measure up to the relentlessly exciting start, Ms Ferreira’s debut is still the pop album of the year so far and, at 21, the prospect of what she will get up to next is thrilling in the extreme.

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