Kaiser Chiefs: Education, Education, Education and War


SINGER Ricky Wilson’s appearances on BBC1’s The Voice has created more of a buzz around the Kaisers’ new album than could otherwise have been expected for a band who haven’t had a hit in six years.
Perversely, the band – now shorn of chief songwriter Nick Hodgson – have opted not to return with an LP full of Ruby-a-like singalongs, but an overtly political record more comparable lyrically to Billy Bragg than One Direction.
It doesn’t always work, and the album occasionally suffers from a surfeit of scowling stompiness, but when they leaven the gruel with pop, such as on Meanwhile Up in Heaven, they prove that Hodgson has not taken all the tunes with him.
Bows & Arrows and Cannons – with fabulous narration by Bill Nighy – stand comparison with classic wartime singalongs and Roses is a bleakly beautiful way to close proceedings.

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