Ben Watt: Hendra


AS well as being one half of Everything But The Girl, Ben Watt has of late been better known for his DJing, remixing and dance music label Buzzin’ Fly.
It came as a huge surprise, then, to find that his second solo album and first sincce 1983’s North Marine Drive, is more Dire Straits than Disclosure.
With collaborator and ex-Suede man Bernard Butler on guitar, and Pink Floyd’s Dave Gilmour guesting on the brilliant The Levels, the Dire Straits comparisons are not as waspish as they sound.
The Gun (which also resembles early-80s Elvis Costello), Hendra and Forget recall Knopfler and co at their late-seventies best, and if there’s a better hymn to the dubious pleasures of growing old than the wry Young Man’s Game, I’m yet to hear it.

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