Kelis: Food


THERE are two shadows stalking Kelis’ first album in four years.
Those of former collaborator Pharrell Williams, whose GIRL set a new high watermark for poppy R&B last month, and Beyoncé, whose ubiquity and popularity somehow goes beyond her music and who remains the pop star for all others to aspire to beat.
Food is neither as consisting thrilling as GIRL nor likely to see her dethrone the divine Bey, but it has its moments.
With uber-producer Dave Sitek (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Foals, Beady Eye) at the helm, when it’s good, it’s very good indeed.
Cobbler is a stand-out, with Kelis wearing her hip-hop queen centre stage while clean beats crackle away in the background, and Bless The Telephone, with classical guitar showcasing her luxuriant vocals, is another.
It’s a little less satisfying on the more commercial likes of Jerk Ribs and Breakfast, but overall Food is a tasty dish.

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