Brody Dalle: Diploid Love


THE former lead singer of Australian punks The Distillers and Spinerette, Dalle is possibly best known in these parts for being Mrs Josh Homme, he of Queens of the Stone Age fame.
The 35-year-old’s debut solo album is full of young rebellion – titles like Don’t Mess With Me, Meet the Foetus/Oh The Joy, Parties for Prostitutes and Blood in Gutter see to that – but it’s musically pretty conservative.
Fans of Garbage, Republica and their ilk will doubtless thrill to its electro-punk-pop, and it is all undeniably well constructed. Meet the Foetus/Oh the Joy is even co-written by Garbage’s Shirley Manson, and the album also includes collaborations with The Strokes’ Nick Valensi, Queens of the Stone Age’s Michael Shuman and Warpaint’s Emily Kokal.
Two or three tracks stand out – I Don’t Need Your Love’s slow-burning intensity particularly – but try as I might, I just can’t get excited by it.

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