Nick Mulvey: First Mind  


FANS of folky pop may already be familiar with Mr Mulvey thanks to recent single Cucurucu (number 26 with a bullet, chart fans).

With its maddeningly catchy chorus and nagging tune, an album full of similarly poppy Cucurucu-alikes would have guaranteed the former Mercury Prize nominee (as the hang player in jazz act Portico Quartet) more hits but a possibly shorter shelf-life.

Instead, First Mind spans Nick Drake-style introspection (the appealingly self-effacing title track), lovelorn balladry (I Don’t Want To Go Home) and campfire folk (Juramidam).

His titles may be impenetrable and sometimes his lyrics are too but now and again he comes up with a wonderfully Neil Young-like couplet such as “Old Nitrous man, selling laughter from a can” (Nitrous) and you’re prepared to forgive him, while  I Don’t Want To Go Home  may prompt  female listeners to send him a virtual hug.

There’s also space for a couple more hits for those who have fallen in love with Cucurucu. New single Meet Me There is sure to follow it into the charts and fellow highlight Nitrous segues into a cover of Olive’s noughties dance hit You’re Not Alone.

First Mind is a wonderfully varied start. File under pleasant surprises.

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By Andrew Greenhalgh
twitter: @adjgreenhalgh


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