Alexis Taylor: Await Barbarians


ALEXIS TAYLOR is the singer of Hot Chip but his second solo album has more in common with his work as part of jazz combo About Group than the electronic dancefloor maestros behind Over and Over, Ready for the Floor and many others.

That’s not to say that About Barbarians is especially jazzy; it isn’t. But it is a record aimed squarely at the head, rather than the feet.

At times, such as on Closer to the Elderly and Elvis has left the building, when as a listener you feel as if you are intruding, such is the personal, almost religious atmosphere. Elsewhere, Where would I be is akin to reading a love letter set to achingly beautiful music.

There are forays into pop, such as the two renditions of Without a Crutch – the second somewhat confusingly preceding the first – which are all the better for their simplicity.

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By Andrew Greenhalgh

twitter: @adjgreenhalgh


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