Jamie T: Carry on the Grudge




In a year of high profile returns from the wilderness, Jamie Treays’ may have been less celebrated than those of Kate Bush, Aphex Twin and U2 but it’s no less welcome.

The London hip hop of Treays’ 2007 debut  Panic Prevention  was rapturously received and made him into a star overnight. Two years later, follow up Kings and Queens showed he was no one-trick pony, taking a musical leap forward while continuing to ooze quality.

Then, nothing. Five years elapsed. Suddenly this year, a  show in Liverpool  announced his return and now we have this.

Carry on the Grudge is a comeback album which feels like he’s never been away and simultaneously makes you wonder how we’ve managed without him.

The influences are present and correct: Streets fans will lap up Turn on the light, which comes on like a speeded up Dry your Eyes, complete with  gorgeous  chorus, and the outstanding Murder of Crows.

Limits Lie, which kicks   things off magisterially, is redolent of the Arctic Monkeys at their expansive AM best, while ageing indie kids will recognise the ghost of Carter USM  and The Clash elsewhere.

Let’s be clear, though: Treays may be a musical magpie when it comes to styles but the seam of quality running through Carry on the Grudge is his and his alone. A storming return.

Like this? Carter USM, 30 Something; Arctic Monkeys, AM

By Andrew Greenhalgh

twitter: @adjgreenhalgh


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