Annie Lennox: Nostalgia


Cover version albums don’t have to be dreadful.

Trouble is, truly memorable ones are few and far between. Chances are, you’re generally better off compiling the originals yourself on Spotify than buying a compilation of remakes.

Nostalgia is Annie Lennox’s second stab at an LP of covers (the first is 1995’s Medusa) and it’s not all bad.

Opener Memphis in June is the former Eurythmic at her solo best: warm, emotional, curiously festive and all topped off with that unmistakable, siren-like voice. It’s a stunning start.

The rest, though, is more of the same but less so; by the end, after 11 more respectful but ever so slightly dull versions of pre-Beatles classics, you’re positively screaming out for some excitement.

Ultimately, it’s a criminal waste of a glorious voice. Lennox could do with learning a lesson from 80s peer Alison Moyet, who went back to her electro-pop roots with last year’s The Minutes. Anybody got Dave Stewart’s number?

By Andrew Greenhalgh

twitter: @adjgreenhalgh


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