Neil Diamond: Melody Road

Neil Diamond, Melody Road

Playing a new Neil Diamond record is a little like easing into a new pair of slippers.

You hope they will be as comfortable as the old pair, but know it’s likely to be a while before they’re quite as snugly reassuring.

Melody Road, Diamond’s first batch of new material in six years, veers little from what you would expect. There’s story songs, singalongs and perfect musicianship and although some of it can sail a little too close to sentimentality – where IS Melody Road, exactly? – that’s beside the point.

Even at 73, Diamond’s ability to command a song in the way that seemed de rigeur in the 1970s has not deserted him, and although Melody Road may not contain another Sweet Caroline or Cracklin’ Rosie, there’s enough here to keep his legion of fans happy.

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By Andrew Greenhalgh

twitter: @adjgreenhalgh


2 thoughts on “Neil Diamond: Melody Road

  1. Your review prompted me to listen to Melody Road. I agree it is unlikely to be a classic, nor is it likely to capture my attention as Hot August Night, Jonathan Livingston Seagull or Beautiful Noise do, however it does confirm that Neil Diamond is a super talented writer, musician and performer. He may also be able to claim to be truly evergreen.

  2. Thanks! That my review prompted you to listen to Melody Road is great to hear. Neil is indeed a great singer and performer. My mum may well be getting a copy of this for Christmas!

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