Taylor Swift: 1989



Good pop music is a little like good taste. It’s impossible to define but you know it when you come across it.

Taylor Swift is just 24 but after conquering most of North America with country, she’s already into her second career, targeting the rest of the world as well with pop music out of the very top drawer.

1989 is the second part of that world domination plan (following 2012’s Red) and it’s as good a pop album as you’ll hear all year. That’s pop in its true, play it to an eight-year-old sense, mark you, rather than the kind churned out by skinny men with sequencers and hipster beards.

It absorbs a huge raft of influences (as does all great pop) but sounds only like itself, and with a host of choices to follow up single Shake It Off, anybody wondering if the album could live up to that cracking start need fret no more.

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By Andrew Greenhalgh

twitter: @adjgreenhalgh


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