The Czars: Best Of


 The Czars, Best Of

It is 10 years since The Czars split after making six albums of quietly wondrous, unassuming guitar rock and it looks even more certain than ever that they will be remembered, if at all, as John Grant’s former band.

The bearded singer-songwriter’s solo albums Queen of Denmark and Pale Green Ghosts have enjoyed more UK success than anything his ex-band ever produced, which is a terrible shame: this is superlative music which is almost perfect in its way but is doomed to remain in the margins.

Those who seek it out will be glad they did and for some it will be the beginning of a lifelong love affair. Others will choose to ignore it, but ask yourself this question: are you happy to be one of the sheep, or would you rather be the shepherd?

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The The By Andrew Greenhalgh

twitter: @adjgreenhalgh


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