Sleater-Kinney, No Cities To Love


Last October,  to coincide with the release of their career-spanning anthology Start Together, all-female American three-piece Sleater-Kinney announced they had recorded a new album – their first since 2005’s The Woods.
The band had always been critical favourites and inspired a whole generation of feminist, punky indie rockers under the Riot Grrrl banner – but comebacks are never easy to make.
Except on this occasion. No Cities To Love, a blistering 32 minutes of near-perfect rock, has already been praised to the hilt in virtually every quarter, with St Vincent’s Annie Clark calling it a “crowning jewel in their legacy”.
She’s spot on. No Cities to Love combines razor sharp guitars with the tunes which so many of their descendants forget to pack into their armoury and even a couple of perfectly executed excursions into punkish r’n’b territory. The trio sound like a hungry new band, bursting with ideas which will doubtless sound out of this world live but, crucially, are enormously potent on record.
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By Andrew Greenhalgh

twitter: @adjgreenhalgh


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