Courtney Barnett, Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit

Australian singer-songwriter Barnett’s debut  has got an awful lot of male music critics in an awfully big lather.

Sounding like it could have been recorded in 1993, it recalls the good old days of post-grunge “slacker rock” best exemplified by the Lemonheads, back when rock was comfortably still the biggest noise in the world.

Only thing is, Barnett’s debut is not just a 1990s throwback, it’s actually a remarkably good album and one anyone with any feeling for guitar music of any sort should investigate forthwith.

The twenty-something’s vocals bear favourable comparison with former Pixie Kim Deal, and melodically it’s hard to fault. The woe-is-me lyrical navel-gazing that made much 90s grunge so unlistenable is notable by its absence too, replaced by lines like “I used to hate myself, now I think I’m alright” (Small Poppies) and the peerless “now we’ve got that percolater, never made a latte greater” (Depreston).

The album’s 11 tracks clock in at just under 45 minutes, and the whole thing amounts to quite possibly the best guitar pop record you’ll hear all year. What’s not to like?

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By Andrew Greenhalgh


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