Nadine Shah, Fast Food


 Shah’s 2013 debut Love Your Dum and Mad drew comparisons to Nick Cave and PJ Harvey while announcing a major talent onto the music scene.

There’s precious few signs of difficult second album syndrome with Fast Food: Shah has thrown some more influences into the mix to create a record that’s altogether a more rounded long-player than her debut.

Devotees of Marianne Faithfull’s career highlight Give My Love To London set from last year will adore the hypnotic title track, with its metronomic rhythm and despairing lyrics. Equally, fans of 1980s Jesus and Mary Chain-style drone rock will spot their influence in Fool, Stealing Cars and Living.

All the songs showcase Shah’s ability with a lyric while proving that she’s not a woman to be trifled with: “You my sweet are a fool… Let the other girls indulge the crap that you excrete” goes Fool’s excoriating central line. Ouch.

There’s a darkness to the whole thing which will endear it to a certain kind of listener while making the larger populace turn off but it’s worth persevering with.

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By Andrew Greenhalgh

twitter: @adjgreenhalgh


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