Django Django, Born Under Saturn



Like fellow Scots The Beta Band, Teenage Fanclub and the Jesus and Mary Chain, Django Django are destined to forever remain in the sector marked “cult acts”.

Phenomenal live, revered by the critics and adored by a small section of the public, their music remains too impenetrable for mass consumption.

If you are yet to enjoy the delights of a typical DD song, imagine a slightly more psychedelic James circa Come Home. With added keyboard washes, which suggests what the Doors might have sounded like had they stayed around long enough to go disco.

Born Under Saturn is a worthy successor to their 2012 self-titled début: like the best records, it hangs together as a whole but explores enough styles to keep the listener interested.
The poppy Break The Glass and Life We Know could have fitted onto the Arctic Monkeys’ AM, Shake and Tremble and Shot Down bear the most audible Doors influences, and brilliant opener Giant could have been made in 1990. First Light is Hot Chip in cerebral mode and screams out for a remix to take it into dancefloor anthem territory.
Another great record from another great Scottish band. They head out on tour next week – catch them if you can.
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By Andrew Greenhalgh

twitter: @adjgreenhalgh


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