Mew, +-


Smooth, beautifully constructed and sporadically catchy, Danish outfit Mew’s sixth album is the sound of a band desperate to be from 1985.

Glossy enough to have been produced by Trevor Horn, there are white funk influences too (Clinging To A Bad Dream and Interview the Girls remind me of early Spandau Ballet),

Satellites, Witness and Water Slides are all single material, but over the course of an hour the album, though compelling if you devote enough energy to it, fades too easily into the background.

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By Andrew Greenhalgh

twitter: @adjgreenhalgh


One thought on “Mew, +-

  1. I really enjoyed this album. I had never heard any of Mew’s music before this album, so knowing it was a mix of progressive and indie rock excited me. If you’re interested, I posted about listening to this album for the first time on my music blog.

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