Roisin Murphy, Hairless Toys


Musically silent since 2007, former Moloko singer Murphy returns into a musical landscape full of people making inroads into her patch.

Cool, spacious and aloof electronic dance music with an ice queen female vocal floating over the top is all the rage in 2015. Banks, Rae Morris, FKA Twigs… there’s a lot of competition about if you’re a woman with a sequencer.

The trump card that Murphy holds, however, is her voice: even those barely acquainted with Sing it Back or The Time is Now will recognise her jazzy, charismatic tones straight off.

Moloko fans would do well to remember, though, that this is no pop record. Eight tracks and 50 minutes long – only one is under the five-minute barrier – in the main it’s big, serious and subdued, with the most commercial track, Exploitation, stretching out to a full nine and a half minutes as if what we’re hearing is the 12” extended mix rather than the radio version.

Electro aficionados will thrill to the fantastic sounds Murphy and producer Eddie Stevens conjures up – I particularly love the rubbery bass which peppers many of the tracks – and should anyone choose to put together a compilation of modern torch songs, the pained and emotional Exile would surely be top of their wish list.

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By Andrew Greenhalgh

twitter: @adjgreenhalgh


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