A different sort of collaboration this.

Franz Ferdinand and Sparks (for it is they) have come together for what they are promising with not be just a one-off album but the first in a series of projects.

Let’s hope so, because this debut is an outstanding one, full of terrific lyrics, spiky riffs and, most importantly, memorable songs.

Singers Russel Mael (Sparks) and Alex Kapranos (Franz) split vocal duties throughout and even though there are songs which clearly bear the hallmarks of one over the other, that doesn’t detract from the sense that this is a true collaboration in which both acts make equal contribution and genuinely enjoy working together.

All that on an album which includes a song called Collaborations Don’t Work (“…I’m gonna do it all by myself!”) and whose catchiest and chart-friendly song is touchingly entitled P*** Off (“Tell everybody to p*** off tonight!”)

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By Andrew Greenhalgh



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