Giorgio Moroder, Déja Vù

Giorgio Moroder, Deja Vu, album reviews

Giorgio Moroder has assembled a stellar cast of vocalists to guest on Deja Vu, his first solo album in 30 years.

Little wonder; the Italian laid the foundations for the last 40 years of disco, house and electronic music in general as a producer in the 1970s.

Donna Summer is probably the act he is linked with more than any other – 38 years on, I Feel Love still defines the disco phenomenon more than any other – but here he adds Kylie Minogue, Sia, Britney Spears and Charli XCX to his huge list of collaborations.

He’s back in the spotlight thanks primarily to Daft Punk. Their debt to him was writ large all over 2013 masterpiece Random Access Memories and Deja Vu acknowledges that link in its DP-ish artwork.

It’s a tribute to its success that what would have been classed as disco back in the 1970s would pass as pop now and Deja Vu aims squarely at that market with a dozen hook-filled songs, any one of which – with the exception of the funky instrumental 74 is the new 24 – could be picked as singles. The best of the bright, whizzy bunch feature Kylie (Right Here, Right Now), Foxes (Wildstar),  Charli XCX (Diamonds) and Sia (the title track) with Mr Moroder clearly happy to leave the risk-taking to others, it’s an easy listen.

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By Andrew Greenhalgh



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