Paul Weller, Saturns Pattern

Paul Weller, Saturns Pattern, album review

Saturns Pattern continues the solo rejuvenation of Paul Weller which began with 2008’s 22 Dreams and continued through Wake Up The Nation and Sonik Kicks.

Weller himself  has talked of this new record being both one of the best of his career and very easy to make – and it shows.

Whereas some of his (hugely successful) 90s outpourings sounded like so much hard work compared to the joyous and urgent missives he fired out as part of The Jam, Saturns Pattern is quite clearly the work of a man enjoying himself immensely.

His influences are there for all to hear:  Curtis Mayfield, Jimi Hendrix, The Stooges,  Tame Impala, Blur – and even Kasabian and Paolo Nutini. Opener White Sky is arguably what the cocky Leicester quartet would like to sound like but never quite manage to, and the title track, Pick It Up and Phoenix take Nutini’s laidback summer soul-rock and improve it no end, Phoenix including some Northern Soul-style Hammond organ to great effect.

The closing pair of In The Car… and These City Streets, meanwhile, suggest a mixture of 1968 Beatles, Traffic and Blur – with maybe even a hint of 1990s Teenage Fanclub-style indie rock thrown in. Laid back, eclectic and melodic, they are a fitting end to a top notch album.

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By Andrew Greenhalgh



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