Slaves, Are You Satisfied?


Tunbridge Wells duo Slaves don’t look much like punks.

With immaculately coiffured hair and sharp suits, only guitarist Laurie Vincent’s tattoos give any hint that these two young men aren’t heading into the city to earn untold millions for some multi-national conglomerate.

But make no mistake, punks is what they are – from taking responsibility for their early tours to their “keep it simple” attitude to their songs, which rarely exceed 2½ minutes.

And although it is an ethos as much as a musical style, much of their debut fits into the public conception of “punk rock” too.

Packed with undeniably thrilling guitar rackets – the kind of thing teenagers like because they think their parents don’t – it’s hugely derivative but enormously well done.

Those of us of a certain age may remember that after punk had given way to new wave in the 1970s, it left behind a glut of dreadful Oi! bands who took the basic tenets of what the Sex Pistols and co were doing but didn’t inject any of their vitality and wit.

They showed how easy it was to get this kind of thing wrong: Slaves may not be the Pistols but more often than not they get it right. Are You Satisfied? is massively playable and great fun.

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By Andrew Greenhalgh



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