Soak, Before We Forgot How To Dream


Another nominee alongside Slaves for the BBC’s Sound of 2015,  the debut album by Derry singer-songwriter Bridie Monds-Watson is quite something.

Harking back (as a famous Englishman once said, there is nothing new under the sun) to the late 1980s and early 1990s, fans of The Sundays and the Cocteau Twins should snap it up forthwith.

Single B a noBody  is indie folk of a tender hue while Blud drops hints that her listening has extended to early 1960s Phil Spector: it suggests The Ronettes had they hung around long enough to go folk rock in the 1970s.

Elsewhere, Hailstones Don’t Hurt brings to mind the warm bedroom dance of 1990s Everything But The Girl and although the album could do with a trim, it’s well worth seeking out.

Like this? Try these: The Sundays, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic; Everything But The Girl, Walking Wounded

By Andrew Greenhalgh



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