C Duncan, Architect

C Duncan, Architect

C (it stands for Christopher) Duncan is not your average popster. With two classical musicians as parents and an education at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland under his belt, it’s no surprise that his first musical forays were of the classical variety.

His education and history is there for all to hear throughout Architect,  which chucks indie pop, electronica and orchestral swooshes  into the melting pot to produce alluringly smooth soundscapes to accompany his deft melodic touch.

Duncan’s grasp of the power of rhythm is outstanding, with Say and Silence and Air benefiting from a metronomic, somewhat hypnotic pulse which runs throughout.

For is a little like Spiritualized go baroque, Garden suggests the Cocteau Twins or 80s indie heroes Felt covering the Divine Comedy but best of all, perhaps, is the closing I’ll Be Gone By Winter. A gorgeous melody which recalls White Christmas and sounds about 100 years old, it’s simple, lovely and a fitting end to an unusual and pleasantly surprising debut.

Like this? Try these: Spiritualized, Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space; Dan Croll, Sweet Disarray

By Andrew Greenhalgh



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