Everything Everything, Get to Heaven


Since bands like New Order, back in the 1980s, first realised the value of combining guitar rock with dance rhythms, there has been no shortage of acts eager to continue what they began.

Some, following the mainstream success of Happy Mondays and the Stone Roses, did it so crudely they strangled the indie-dance/baggy/Madchester movement at birth. Others married the two so effectively it seemed a wonder it hadn’t been tried before.

Everything Everything fall firmly into the latter camp. There are tracks on Get to Heaven which sound like the work of an act blissfully unaware of the invention of the guitar. Fortune 500 could pass as acid house, a little like the kind of work Spiritualized might produce if their key influence was Kraftwerk rather than the Velvet Underground.

One of the album’s many highlights, No Reptiles, combines a Bowie-esque vocal with thudding electronics and lyrics which veer from the bonkers to the touching (“It’s alright to feel like a fat child in a pushchair, old enough to run, old enough to fire a gun … just give me this one night to feel that I might be on the right path”).

What makes Get to Heaven such an overwhelmingly uplifting affair, though, are the tracks which recall electronic forefathers New Order and, less fashionably, the Pet Shop Boys. Regret, the title track, Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread and lead single Distant Past all pack memorable melodies in their armoury while positively defying the listener not to get up and shake a tail feather or at the very least tap a toe. It’s a winning combination.

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By Andrew Greenhalgh



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