Ezra Furman, Perpetual Motion People

LIKE most of you reading this, I imagine, I knew very little about Ezra Furman before settling down to listen to Perpetual Motion People.

Its sleeve art (I know, never judge a downloaded album by its two-inch square digital cover) and title suggested indie rock, likely to be adored by critics but hardly anyone else.

Instead, I found to my delight it contained punchy psychedelia in the manner of 1967 Beatles (with a hint of 1990s bubblegum revivalists Jellyfish) and They Might Be Giants-style quirky pop along with single shots of crunchy glam, rockabilly and doo-wop. There are also a couple of gorgeous ballads reminiscent of power-pop legends Big Star at their peak.

Like Adam Ant at his 1980-81 best, Furman clearly takes music very seriously but knows it should never sound that way. Perpetual Motion People is full of life and shot through with joy from beginning to end.

Like this? Try these: Jellyfish, Bellybutton; Big Star, Radio City; They Might Be Giants, Flood

By Andrew Greenhalgh


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