Gabrielle Aplin, Light Up The Dark

Gabrielle Aplin, Light Up The Dark

Now here’s a turn-up for the books.
Light Up The Dark almost didn’t make it into the CD player, such were my painful memories of listening to a review copy of Ms Aplin’s debut English Rain in 2013. Remember the maudlin cover version of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s The Power of Love which soundtracked the 2012 John Lewis advert? That provided the low point of what was an extraordinarily cloying long player. I never want to hear either of them again.
In the intervening two years, she appears to have completely reinvented herself. Single Sweet Nothing, a country-ish rocker like Sheryl Crow but without the bar-room optimism, gives a fair indication of what to expect.
Aplin has a strong, listenable voice. It’s a real pleasure to hear it singing some sometimes world weary, sometimes bittersweet songs which suggest that as well as changing tack since 2013, Aplin has been round the block a few times as well.
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By Andrew Greenhalgh



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