Hudson Mohawke, Lantern


What’s good about this second album from Scottish DJ/producer Hudson Mohawke?

Lots of things. Unlike far too much electronica, it sounds full of life and as if its creator (Ross Birchard to his mum) had an absolute whale of a time making it.

Like the earliest efforts from 90s dance heroes The Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim, it is full of invention and never gets boring.

The likes of Ryderz and Warriors are the kind of scuzzy, uplifting electronic soul which Gnarls Barkley and Cee-Lo Green attempted but never quite managed; think Massive Attack’s Blue Lines as produced by Aphex Twin and you’re getting there.

Now and again he throws an absolute curveball. Closer Brand New World sounds like a hidden track from Sky Ferreira’s awesome Night Time, My Time and by extension the theme tune from some long-lost John Hughes 1980s Brat Pack movie.

Mostly though, it’s 21st century dance music as it should be: exciting, thrilling and altogether rather splendid.

Like this? Try these: The Chemical Brothers, Exit Planet Dust; Aphex Twin, Syro

By Andrew Greenhalgh



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