Jess Glynne, I Cry When I Laugh

Jess Glynne, I Cry When I Laugh

Despite riding to success on the back of two acts whose music fits firmly into the dance genre, Jess Glynne is every inch a pop star.

Chances are that Clean Bandit and Route 94 will never have as big a hit as the Glynne-featuring Rather Be or My Love again, but Ms Glynne has already done just that with Hold My Hand, a record which is no doubt ushering elderly relatives onto wedding dancefloors even as we speak.

Gave Me Something and Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself are surely set to emulate Hold My Hand’s success, and with good reason. They’re both tremendously singalongable pop belters which demand (and deserve) long-term residence in the top 10.

Unfortunately, the album’s not quite as good. As many an act has proven over the years, pop in itself is a genre best suited to the three-and-a-half-minute single. Try to make 12 tracks of similar quality as the hits and, generally, you’ll struggle.

I Cry When I Laugh has its moments – the collaboration with Emeli Sandé, Saddest Vanilla, has all the ingredients to be another big hit – but it’s no classic.

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By Andrew Greenhalgh



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