Julio Bashmore, Knockin’ Boots

Julio Bashmore, Knockin’ Boots

Otherwise known as Matt Walker, the Bristolian is responsible for writing and producing much of the best tunes on Jessie Ware’s 2012 debut, notably lead singles Running and 110% (subsequently renamed If You’re Never Gonna Move).

Along with Disclosure’s Settle, Knockin’ Boots (the title means something rather saucy), is one of the best dance records of recent years. Like Settle, it’s never boring. It all sits together marvellously and, happily, if you hear one track and like it, chances are you’ll like the rest of the album, too.

There is gloriously uplifting house here, not least in the shape of the Carpenters-channelling title track, but there’s also splendidly jittery funk and soulful electro-disco.

Unlike many dance long-players, it’s infinitely playable and sounds as good rattling out of a set of computer speakers as it does through a pair of headphones.

Walker has spoken of his hope that listeners will use this debut as a starting point for investigating some of house music’s rich history. Do that, absolutely; but don’t expect all house LPs to sound as good as this does.

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By Andrew Greenhalgh



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