Ratatat, Magnifique


Big beat (of the 1990s Fatboy Slim/Chemical Brothers variety) and big 1970s melodic American rock wouldn’t seem, at first, to be the easiest of  bedfellows.

But as Daft Punk proved on 2001’s Discovery, the two sit surprisingly comfortably,  a fact which  American duo Ratatat exploit fantastically well on this, their fifth album proper.

Almost entirely instrumental but never boring, it’s teeming with melodies and veers from the straight-on dance of Cream on Chrome and Abrasive to Pricks of Brightness, Rome and Stillwater cover I Will Return, quite the rock numbers all.

Magnifique? C’est formidable.

Like this? Try these: Fatboy Slim, You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby; Daft Punk, Discovery

By Andrew Greenhalgh



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