Rickie Lee Jones, The Other Side of Desire


Best known in the UK for 1979 smash Chuck E’s in Love, Rickie Lee Jones turned to fans (and, more specifically, website Pledgemusic) to fund this, her first album in 10 years.

And did they respond. The campaign raised almost double its intended total and as a result we have The Other Side of Desire.

Those supporters should be well pleased with the results. Ms Jones’ distinctive tones – wise beyond her 58 years on Valtz de Mon Pere (Lovers’ waltz), observational on Infinity and J’ai Connais Pas and offering up advice on Haunted – fit well with the mostly slow, waltz-like melodies which make up the bulk of the record.

It’s not hugely commercial, with Blinded by the Hunt one of the few songs with a recognisable chorus, but you get the feeling that a huge hit isn’t what she’s looking for.

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By Andrew Greenhalgh



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