Julia Holter, Have You in my Wilderness

Where to start with Ms Holter? Her last album, Loud City Song, had the UK’s rock critics falling over themselves to outdo each other in terms of who could praise her the loudest.
Have You In My Wilderness has taken things to a whole new level, with one broadsheet writer’s assessment containing enough hyperbole to fill Pseuds Corner for a year.
That said, it is a terrific record. The Californian 30-year-old is a restless soul. Is Have You In My Wilderness chamber pop? Not really. Is it jazz? Not entirely. Is it classical? Not wholly. Is it a combination of all of the above with a whole lot of other styles chucked in? That just about covers it.
Just when you think you’ve got her boxed off, the next song comes along and you’re forced to check the iPod to see if it’s somehow gone onto random play and is playing Taylor Swift instead (it wasn’t). The one constant is the consistently excellent tunes.

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By Andrew Greenhalgh


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