New Order, Music Complete

There’s a school of thought which says that Music Complete, New Order’s ninth album proper, isn’t actually a New Order album at all. That says that following the departure of Peter “Hooky” Hook, who provided the strident bass central to the group’s music, the group should not have continued under their name.

That school of thought should prepare itself for a mass of resignations because one listen to Music Complete proves that Hooky needs New Order a lot more than New Order need him. Anybody have fond recollections of his 1990s side project Revenge? Thought not.
Music Complete wipes away all the memories of the band’s 90s and noughties, when they seemed increasingly determined to focus on their rockier elements, and turns back the clock to their 1980s imperial period, when they helped invent house, techno and rave.
Not only is it their best album since 1989’s Technique, it’s arguably second only to that masterwork in the entire New Order canon. Essential.
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By Andrew Greenhalgh


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