Rudimental, We The Generation

Chances are you wouldn’t know a Rudimentalist if one slapped you around the face with a wet kipper.
Yet along with Disclosure, who almost certainly aren’t getting chased down the road by screaming girls as we speak either, they have ruled not only the UK dance scene for the last two years but also made pretty good inroads into the charts.
Two of the singles from platinum-selling debut album Home hit number one – one winning the Brit award for best 45 along the way – and We The Generation will, I’m betting, do the same next Friday.
That’s because despite generally being thought of as a either a dance collective or a drum ’n’ bass band, what they actually make is outstanding pop records.
Most albums that clock in at 80 minutes outstay their welcome by a good 35. That We The Generation doesn’t is down to the fact that a) hardly any of the songs sound like the one before it and b) they’re all packed with fizziness, invention, great tunes well sung and good old fashioned soul.
Unless the idea of brilliant pop with dance music in its DNA sounds like the worst idea ever to you, I suggest you go give it a try.

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By Andrew Greenhalgh




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